Small Business License

$199 / renewal*
allow ONE developer to create ONE application

Single Developer License

$199 / renewal*
allow ONE developer to create an UNLIMITED NUMBER of applications

*Renewal is optional, but most customers choose to keep their coverage active because it is the most cost-effective way to ensure that the software is up-to-date.
First of all, your license is perpetual. You can use the supported SDK version with your registration key forever.

However, your key only works with certain SDK versions that depend on the date of your license purchase or renewal. You can install any new product version for free, provided that it was released before or within one year of your purchase. It doesn't matter if the new version is a major or just a minor update. All that matters is just the time period. The purchased registration key will work with those SDK versions. Then you can keep using the product forever.


This license allows tesseract.Net sdk to be distributed at runtime as an integral part of one or more applications owned by you or your company. This license is granted on per developer basis and cannot be distributed for software development purposes. Tesseract.Net sdk can only be installed on workstations for which it was licensed. For details on our licensing please see the eula