About Tesseract.Net SDK

While Tesseract is certainly the best OCR library available so far, Tesseract.NET SDK is one of the best ways to equip your application with text recognition capabilities.

Combining easy deployment, exceptional recognition accuracy, lighting-fast OCR and variety of output options including PDF, HOCR, UNLV and plain text, Tesseract.Net SDK offers flexible and simple API with lots of high- and low-level text recognizing procedures.

It is thanks to the straightforward API that you can transform a given image to searchable text with literally few lines of code. And if you need a more detailed insight into components of the text, the Tesseract.NET SDK API provides a number of classes to retrieve individual letters, words, paragraphs and even font parameters.

You can try Tesseract.NET SDK for free now and experience the fastest and the most faultless optical recognition ever available for .Net applications.

Enjoy robust development of OCR capable .Net applications!

Scanned Image to Searchable PDF in 4 Lines of Code A well thought-out programming interface and high-level implementation of the most recognition functions allows you to deploy complex OCR applications in virtually no time.
1var api = OcrApi.Create()
2api.Init(null, "eng");
3var renderer = OcrPdfRenderer.Create("output.pdf", path_to_tessdata_folder)
4api.ProcessPages(@"multipage.tif", null, 0, renderer);

Unbeatable OCR accuracy

Never experience lossy or corrupted scanned texts anymore. Powered by enhanced OCR algorithms Tesseract.NET SDK delivers precise text recognition even on poor quality or hard-to-read sources.

Industry-fastest recognition

The library channels all available CPU power to the recognition task allowing you to receive accurate OCR outputs in much less time. And thanks to optimized algorithms and intensive training, overall performance of Tesseract.Net SDK easily beats competition.

Reads 60+ languages

Tesseract.NET SDK accurately recognizes texts in more than 60 languages, supports multi-language texts and can be trained to work with previously unknown languages. Among the ones supported as standard are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Thai and others.

Searchable PDF in minutes

With the minimum of just 4 lines of code, Tesseract pours all the power of its OCR engine to your app. Thanks to it, adding to your app JPEG, TIFF or PNG conversion to a searchable PDF is now minutes, not hours or days.

Effortless deployment

Tesseract.Net SDK requires no additional software to install, nor does it need a license server. You simply deploy it and start developing apps powered by likely the best OCR engine available for the .Net platform.

Affordable OCR library

Not only is Tesseract.Net SDK 20-30 times cheaper than competitive solutions, there’re also no any recurring fees, royalties and subscription-based costs. You just purchase a license and use it for lifetime.

Well documented SDK.

We have a rich documentation. This documentation aims to give beginners and advanced users an overview of what is possible with the Tesseract.Net SDK.

The documentation contains more than 1000 detailed, developer-targeted, MSDN styled topics, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples.

You can refer it here

more about Class Library

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