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Patagames.Ocr.Enums Namespace
It contains all necessary enumerations required for development using Tesseract.Net SDK.
Public enumerationImageFileFormat
Represents the image file format types
Public enumerationLanguages
Represents the available languages
Public enumerationOcrEngineMode
Represents ocr engine mode
Public enumerationOrientation
Represents orientation
Public enumerationPageIteratorLevel
enum of the elements of the page hierarchy, used in ResultIterator to provide functions that operate on each level without having to have 5x as many functions.
Public enumerationPageSegMode
Represents the possible modes for page layout analysis.
Public enumerationParagraphJustification
Represents paragraph justification
Public enumerationPolyBlockType
Possible types for a POLY_BLOCK or ColPartition.
Public enumerationTextlineOrder
Represents the text lines are read in the given sequence.
Public enumerationWritingDirection
The grapheme clusters within a line of text are laid out logically in this direction, judged when looking at the text line rotated so that its Orientation is "page up". For English text, the writing direction is left-to-right. For the Chinese text in the above example, the writing direction is top-to-bottom.