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OcrApiAnalyseLayout Method

Runs page layout analysis in the mode set by PageSegmentationMode.

Namespace:  Patagames.Ocr
Assembly:  Patagames.Ocr (in Patagames.Ocr.dll) Version: 4.2.411
public OcrPageIterator AnalyseLayout()

Return Value

Type: OcrPageIterator
Returns an iterator to the results or throw an exception on any error or an empty page.
May optionally be called prior to Recognize to get access to just the page layout results. If merge_similar_words is true, words are combined where suitable for use with a line recognizer.Use if you want to use AnalyseLayout to find the textlines, and then want to process textline fragments with an external line recognizer.
Note Note
WARNING! This class points to data held within the TessBaseAPI class, and therefore can only be used while the TessBaseAPI class still exists and has not been subjected to a call of Init, SetImage, Recognize, Clear, Release or anything else that changes the internal PAGE_RES.
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