Tesseract.Net SDK OCR Technology Capabilities Overview

Tesseract.Net SDK is perfectly suited both for individual software developers and large scale companies. The SDK is light-weight and easy enough for almost instant embedding to the existing app infrastructure, while providing great in-depth OCR capabilities wherever they apply.

The following table lists the differences between the license types available for Tesseract.Net SDK

Purchase Online
Purchase Online
Purchase Online
Number of developers (per license) 11unlimited
Number of applications (per license) 1unlimitedunlimited
Document capability
Beyond-skepticism extra-fast and highly accurate optical character recognition engine
Optimized multi-thread engine delivers maximum performance
Batch processing of multiple documents
Single and multi-page documents
Suits for Web and Cloud applications
High-level classes for instant deployment of OCR functionality
Low-level classes for flexibility and custom solutions
Fluent recognition of text in 60+ languages as standard
Easily recognize and process multi-language documents
Immense customization capabilities
Save the recognized text into a searchable PDF, HTML, UNLV, BoxText or plain text format
Easily determine character location, size, baseline and attributes (end of word, end of line, end of paragraph and so on)
100% support for font properties and characteristics (monospace, proportional, serf, sans-serif, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, font-family name, style, size, bold, italic, underlined, strikeout, slope angle)
Recognition confidence values for dealing with extremely hard-to-read documents
Confidence values
Obtain the recognized words directly for a zone or page without saving to an external document
Integrates seamlessly with Pdfium.Net SDK
Purchase Online
Purchase Online
Not available
Under development